Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Personal Progress: The Quest for Gold!

So, during the summer lull between competition seasons, I'm planning on taking a bunch of lessons and dancing regularly with the goal of becoming Silver-proficient and Gold-competent in Rhythm and Latin. I had a Latin practice session yesterday with my friend Laura, where I learned the following:

Things that are going well:
1. My checks in rumba and cha cha are looking much better than they have in the past.
2. I'm becoming much more aware of where my free arms are instead of having them flop around like wet noodles. Still a work in progress, but at least I'm aware now.
3. My basic samba actions are looking pretty darn good for Silver.

Things that need work:
1. My core. Natural samba rolls were so unstable because I didn't have the core strength to keep it up.
2. Spotting and spinning. Even forward walks turning make me a little unstable. But I guess balance comes with continual practice.
3. Staying turned out. Dear frog exercise, you are certain to become one of my best friends.

Once I'm done with my internship in a few weeks, I plan on going all out, not only in terms of classes and practice, but in conditioning my body properly. Ballroom puts the "sport" in Dancesport. (Okay, that was lame.) So, it'll be back to the gym, like I did last summer, to work on my core strength (and, yknow, get rid of the belly), and I also want to try some other activities, like yoga and swimming. Any recommendations on gyms and yoga studios in the city to try out?

- Daniel


  1. They say Yoga and Pilates are the best for core for the spotting and spinning - remember to squeeze your inner thighs like you're trying to hold on to a piece of paper or a quarter - it sounds ridiculous but it REALLY helps with staying middle balance!

  2. Thanks, Alina! I'll try that next time I'm practicing!