Friday, June 10, 2011

Dance Media: GO IVETA! #SYTYCD8

FINALLY! Not since Ashleigh and Ryan DiLello in season 6 have we had a legitimate ballroom contender amongst the finalists of So You Think You Can Dance. And not just any ballroom contender - Iveta. Freaking. Lukosiute. World Ten-Dance Champion. Mary Murphy really drove the point home, listing every single dance in those ten dances, and Nigel backed up her point, and rightfully so. It's one thing to have a strong ballroom dancer - it's another entirely to have the best of the best representing ballroom on that stage.

See Iveta's performance with Pasha Kovalev of season 3 here:

Why would a world champion, as Nigel put it, humble herself to join this sort of mainstream reality competition? On the one hand, it's very ostensibly a personal thing - she's been turned down twice before, and now that she's 30, it was her last chance to make it. And make it she did. On the other hand, we need a ballroom dancer of her caliber to represent against the heavily favored contemporary and hip hop dancers. And represent she will.

My early favorites are Iveta (can you tell?), Melanie, Jess (as mentioned in a previous post), and Nick, of whom we saw pretty much nothing during Vegas week, but that Christopher Scott tap routine between him and Jess was AWESOME. See that here:

Who are your favorites? Who do you hope gets paired up?

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